United in Diversity

We want to visualise the European idea for everyone.

In 2000, the European member states initiated a competition for a European motto. Students from 15 member states could submit their suggestion. From the over 2000 submissions, one journalist and one politician from each country selected the winning motto: United in Diversity. It means that all cultures and their traditions are to be seen as an enrichment.

More than 17 years later, a new symbol to revitalise this motto is called for. In a simple manner, we want to point the way for Europe and enable all Europeans to express and live their wish for Peace, Freedom, Democracy, Friendship, Love, Diversity, Humanity, Hope, Solidarity, Free speech, Collaboration, and Equality.

As Europeans, we are not only united in diversity but also in the colours blue and yellow, our European flag. These colours, blue and yellow, unite our deep connection with the values, for which we fought for centuries, to show the world who we are and what we stand for to make this word a better place. And isn't it the simple things that change the world?